The Grossery Gang Wikia

The Grossery Gang: Collector Cards was a collectible card game, created by Banter Toys and distributed by Moose Toys for the Grossery Gang franchise that was released in February 2017, with a total of 118 cards to collect.


Collector Album

The Collector Album is the starter pack for the collectible card game, that comes with the collector binder, two single packets of cards and 16 x 9 spaces to hold the cards. The binder also has a full checklist on the back of the front cover.

Single Pack

The Single Pack is the bog-standard pack for the collectible card game, coming packaged as a singular packet of seven cards total, with one being a special card.

Fourteen Pack and figure

The Fourteen Pack contains fourteen loose cards and a Grossery Gang figure with a milk crate, with two cards being special finish ones.

Three Pack Blister

The Three Pack Blister contains three packets of single cards, with a total of twenty-one cards within the pack, with three cards being special ones.

Special Finish Card Types

  • Sticker Cards
  • Puzzle Cards
  • Touch 'n' Feel Cards
  • Heat 'n' Reveal Cards
  • Silver Holographic Cards


  • The cards are given a different art style than the rest of the franchise, looking sketchier than the original artwork. They were illustrated by Australian artist Paul Harvey [1]
  • The characters are given limbs in the artwork, similar to in the webseries.
  • The Trashed Cans have the text that their catalog art use for their labels, rather than their names like their actual figures.
  • Through the cards, Sour Pineapple and Spotty Zit Cream were confirmed as female.
  • Cards 51 and 52 are checklists for the series.
  • Each common card has a hidden fly on it.
  • Snot N Pepper, along with all Exclusive Grosseries, lack a card, though the frozen insects appear on Smelly Bean's card.
  • The design of the characters are based on their static art.
  • The common card are the only ones with unique captions on the bottom.
  • The Collector Album is not available in all countries that have the cards.
  • According to Paul Harvey, the cards ended with Series 1, with the Series 2 drawings being preliminary tests. [2]