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The Grossery Gang: A Vile Valentine is a book for The Grossery Gang. It released on December 4, 2018.


The yuckiest day of the year just got yuckier! Join the Grossery Gang as Putrid Pizza falls in love with a pile of trash on Valentine's Day in this brand-new storybook! A sheet of 100 gross-scented stickers adds to the fun.

When a box of valentines falls on Putrid Pizza's head, he falls in love—with a pile of trash! The Grossery Gang has the time of their lives helping Pizza Face win the rotting heart of his stinking love through insulting poetry, a sunset dinner filled with gross foods, an icky dance competition, and more.

Will Pizza Face get a smooch from his pile of trash, or will he decide that love stinks?

Over 100 gross-scented stickers add to the fun!


  • The description flips between "Putrid Pizza" and "Pizza Face" in the same paragraph.
  • Unlike the other characters, Stinky uses his toy's name, rather than his webseries one.


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