The Grossery Gang Wikia

The Surprise Pack contains two surprise Grosseries in a small plastic package. The container can also be used for storage. The surprise packages with two different colors only appears in Series 1 and Series 2.


  • The Series 1 version of the pack has the same name as an actual Grossery, who appeared on the wrapper.
  • The design of the Series 2 version pack is a parody of Twix bars.
  • The Series 3 version switches to garbage cans, similar to The Trash Pack.
  • The Surprise Eggs and Surprise Ornaments are similar to these packs.
  • Variations of the packages exist with a longer section made to hang on store pegs instead of sold in-box.
  • On the front of the Series 2 pack it says "Best before 1985", a reference to when Moose Toys was founded.
  • Its prototype Series 1 name was Nutty Choc.
  • In June 2017, Canada released a special exclusive pack at limited Costco stores which contained 16 Series 1 containers in one purchase, for a total of 32 Grosseries.
  • For Series 1 and 2, each container came in two different colors.
  • The Series 4 packages are shown on websites as toilets, while some locations use army crates for the purchase instead, hinting that the toilets are a last minute addition. This can be seen by the fact that the toilets have a mark that says "The Trash Pack" on them.
  • Series 5 continues the use of toilets, only they have a fizzing reveal gimmick.




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