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Surprise Eggs are a special limited time container that contains two Grosseries and a checklist in an egg-shaped package. They are similar in concept to the Surprise Pack. They were released in mid-March 2017, with a second wave announced in February 2018 and the second wave being released in mid-March the following year.


  • All of the Grosseries contained come in Exclusive colors.
  • Hairy Hare is a Limited Edition Grossery that only comes in these packages. Later, the second year of the eggs would make Rotten Egg a limited edition variant.
  • They have the ability to contain characters from multiple series at once.
  • The first series of packages were UK and Canada exclusive.
  • They are currently not listed on the Grossery Gang List.
  • Despite the second wave having Series 3 characters, they were released for Series 4.


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