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Slushie Storm (misspelled on the website as Slushie Strom) is an online video game on the Australian Cartoon Network website. It is based on the webseries.

In July 2017, the game was put on the official Grossery Gang website.


The game is played with the mouse. The player takes control of Egghead, Rocky, Doc Broc, and Sparkles, grabbing them and launching them by a catapult into the Slushie machine to make it dump onto Pizza Face. Other Grosseries will jump off of the shelves as obstacles to be avoided.

The goal of the game is to keep the Gross-O-Meter full. Letting it deplete ends the game.


  • Slushie Success! - Finish one game
  • Slushie Madness! - Finish ten games
  • Keep the Slushie Coming! - Last for at least one minute in a single game
  • Very Berry Tsunami - Hit the Slushie lever ten times
  • Ultimate Gross Pizza Face - Hit the Slushie lever fifteen times in a single game
  • Slingshot Master - Hit the Slushie lever eight times in a row
  • Locked and Loaded, Sir! - Load any Grossery Gang member twenty times
  • Let Me Try! - Loaded all the Grossery Gang members at least once
  • Get Out Of The Way! - Bump thirty other Grossery Gang members


  • Like Shelf Relay, this game uses the catalog models of various Grosseries.
  • This game is based on the episode Mount Yuck (Part 1), with some of the achievements being quotes from this episode.


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