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The Single Pack is a pack that includes a single Grossery and a single milk crate.


  • The Series 1 design hearkens to single serving packages of chips, as they are small versions of the Large Pack, which resembles a standard bag of chips.
  • The Series 2 version resembles a bag of jelly beans, and also shares a similar name with an actual Series 1 Grossery.
  • These packs were first spotted at Family Dollar stores.
  • The Series 1 packages were given out at San Diego Comic Con 2016 as a promotional item.
  • The designs of Sloppy Toffee Apple and Scary Floss on the Series 2 package use alternate color schemes of their original static art, with their other figure's color scheme.
  • The single pack has been used in the magazine K-Zone as a promotion for the franchise.
  • In August 2017, a "Mega Fun Pack" from Series 3 was released at Costco stores, containing 30 individual single packs. This would later be repeated in September 2018 for Series 5.
  • Unlike the Surprise Pack, the Single Pack contains a milk crate. Surprise Packs have just a container for the Grosseries.


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