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Series 5, taglined Time Wars, is the fifth and final series of the franchise, which was released in June 2018[1]. The ultra rares are Rotbot Grosseries, the special editions are Computer Viruses, and the limited editions are Fungus Fossils.[2].

Wave 2 of Series 5 was reported in Target stores in late August 2018.

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Website Description

It's the Grossest Battle of All Time!

The Grossery Gang are back in all their slimy glory but this time it's going to be the grossest battle of all time! Just when our horrid heroes thought they could relax, another threat to their slimy survival has flushed up out of nowhere! After accidently opening a time portal through a stinky toilet. The Grossery Gang have to fight for their lives against an evil force from the future - The Rotbots! An army of futuristic baddies who are half Grossery and half robot who have come back in time to suck the grossness out of the Grossery Gang and use it for themselves! To survive, the Grossery Gang will need the help of their festering ancestors from times past! Discover a whole new gang of the grossest guys and a pile of new vehicles as well as some awesomely awful new action figures! It's the muckiest battle of all time... It's the Grossery Gang TIME WARS!







  • This is the second series to have toilets as blind bags and Grosseries holding their weapons.
  • This is the third series to not have chocolate bars as the 2-packs, soda cans as the 4-packs, and chip bags as the 10-packs. Instead they used cardboard packaging with toilets instead of milk crates.
  • This is the first series where the 2-pack has a special gimmick to open them. Here, the toilets have an opening for water to be poured into. When shaken, the toilets fizz, revealing the Grosseries inside. This is called Flush 'n' Fizz.
  • This is the first series to not appear at Toys R Us first, because the toy company closed and liquidated all of its U.S. stores on June 29, 2018. Target got them first instead.
  • This is the first series to have less than ten categories, having only nine.
  • This series currently has no data on the online checklist.






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