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Series 2 is the second series of the franchise, which was released January 2017. The ultra rares are color changers scattered throughout the teams, the special editions are Glowin' Gadgets and the limited editions are Cruddy Lost 'N' Found.

Wave 2 was reported in Target stores in March 2017.






  • The series was released early in some Toys R Us stores in December 2016, while it took later in the month for more stores to get it, while others took until the next year.
  • This is the first series to include ultra rares being in different teams. It would return to being in only a specific team for Series 3.
  • Unlike the color change found in the Series 1 Super Size Pack, these ones are solid rubber and heat-activated.
  • The characters were previewed in the webseries before their official toy debuts.
  • This series uses the maggots that the webseries characters often have crawling on them in the static art of the characters.
  • Because of the update of the Grossery Gang website before these characters came out, they lack website bios. The character static art was also missing from the website, but was contained on the Philippines website.




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