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Series 1 is the first series of the franchise, which was released on June 19th, 2016, with over 150 different moldy food and other grocery-based characters. The ultra rares are Moldy Veg, the special editions are Sticky Sweets and the limited editions are Trashed Cans.

Wave 2 of the same series was reported to be released in late August of the same year.





Sticky soda pack Variations

Sticky soda pack #1

Putrid pancakes [yellow], Burp - rito [grey], Grotty soap [aqua], Rot Hot chili [red, surprise]

Sticky soda pack #2

Sticky soda [red], Fungus fries [purple], Awful waffle [Brown], Yuck TV Dinner [Yellow,surprise]

Sticky soda pack #3

- Sour milk [blue], Fungus fries [red], Pukey Cookie [grey], puking pumpkin [orange, surprise]

Sticky soda pack #4

Oozi muesli bar [red], Bad soy [Dark brown], Tasteless Tart [orange], Unfrozen Pizza [red, surprise]

Sticky soda pack #5

Barf Biscuit [red], Slop Corn [red], Le crusty croissant [grey], Frozen Foul [aqua, surprise]

Sticky soda pack #6

Fungus fries [purple], Sticky salsa sauce [aqua], Tasteless Tart [orange], Sour pineapple [red, surprise]

Sticky soda pack #7

Snot n' pepper [blue/purple], Cruddy Chip [yellow], Chunky cheesecake [green], Squishy Tomato [orange, surprise]

Sticky soda pack #8

Flat fizz [aqua], Stale muffin [red], Fungus fries [red], Awful apple [orange, surprise]

Sticky soda #9

Stinki [tan], Stale muffin [blue], Rotten egg [green], Unfrozen pizza [red, surprise]

Sticky soda pack #10

Putrid pizza [Brown/green], Putrid pancakes [purple], Grotty soap [yellow], Squishy tomato [orange, surprise/slimy sardines (Posible)]

Sticky soda pack #11

Disgusting mustard [yellow], rough toilet paper [blue], dodgey donut [grey], Rot Hot chili) orange, surprise]

Sticky soda pack #12

Sticky soda [red], Oozi muesli bar [red], Shampoop [aqua], Rot hot chili [orange, surprise]

Sticky soda pack #13

Snot n' pepper [orange/red], Pukey Cookie [grey], Icky drumstick [green], Puking pumpkin [orange, surprise]

Sticky soda pack #14

Stinky cheese [yellow], Burp - rito [gray], Burnt BBQ sauce [Brown], Flat fizz [aqua, surprise]

Sticky soda pack #15

Stale muffin [red], sticky soda [blue], Burnt BBQ sauce [light Brown], sticky salsa sauce [aqua, surprise] (stock image)

Corny chips variations coming soon


  • This series was previewed at the 2016 Toy Fairs as early promotion for the franchise in February 2016.
  • This series was released early to some Target stores and Toys R Us stores in June 2016.




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