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Pvt. Crapple Pie is a common Dessert Warfare Grossery from Series 4.




Pvt. Crapple Pie is a gross apple pie. He is wearing a pair of combat boots and an army helmet, along with a battalion belt. He is holding an apple in his hand. His weapon is a batter-topped spoon.


  • Pvt. Crapple Pie is similar to Awful Pie, a Trashie from Series 1 of The Trash Pack. He is also similar to Hot Apple Pie, an exclusive Season 1 Shopkin.
  • Pvt. Crapple Pie shares part of his name with Crapple Core, an exclusive Series 3 Grossery. He is also similar to Rotten Apple Pie, a Series 1 Grossery. Unlike Rotten Apple Pie, he is a whole, classic pie, while Rotten Apple Pie is a fast food pie.


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Series 4
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