The Grossery Gang Wikia

The Muck Chuck Garbage Truck is a Grossery Gang playset from Series 3. It comes with two exclusive Grosseries, Crapple Core and Trash Block.


Mess about with the Muck Chuck Garbage Truck! Load up the bin with your Grosseries and gross up the streets by firing them off the back of the truck! Then open the side doors for a scabby battle! It’s the truck with maximum yuck! The Grossery Gang is ready to fight anything that may threaten their vile survival. Who knows what’s over the slimy horizon? Use the dumpster to scoop up, store and dump all your cacky characters.

  • Open the cab and put your collectable characters OR Action Figs in the driving seat (Works with both! [sic]
  • Hit the button and the truck will open up for battle mode! Put your Grosseries in the battle station to fight the power of clean!
  • Pull back the tray to launch your Grosseries or hide them underneath for a surprise attack on the Clean Team
  • Tons of storage and places to display your characters
  • Put your Grosseries in the driving seat and scoop up the Clean Team!



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Muck Chuck Garbage Truck / Metallic Trash Attack Pack / Collector's Trash Can / Clean Team Street Sweeper / Delivery Strike Motor Bike
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