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Moldy Veg is one of the teams of Grosseries from The Grossery Gang. These Grosseries are the rarest non-Limited Edition characters from Series 1 and are based on moldy versions of produce, such as broccoli and mushrooms.

These characters are made of solid plastic and flocked, similar to The Trash Pack Series 2 Special Edition Trashies and to Shopkins Season 2 Special Edition Fluffy Babies. They are available in all three standard sizes of packages.


Series 1


  • Despite their team name, they also contain various fruit-based Grosseries as well, along with a fungus one.
  • They are the first produce-based team, with the second being the Fungus Fruits.
  • They were originally spelled Mouldy Veg.
  • In The Grossery Gang: Collector Cards, they make up both the Touch N' Feel Cards and the first edition of the Puzzle Cards, with the exception of Shoccoli.
  • Purple variants of these Grosseries were exclusive to the Super Size Pack, but it took until Wave 2 to release the green variants of the Grosseries.

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Moldy Veg
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