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The Mega Pack contains twenty Grosseries and four milk crates. It has sixteen visible Grosseries and four hidden Grosseries. All of the included Grosseries come in exclusive colors that can only be found in the mega packs.


Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

Series 4


  • For a long while, the Series 1 package was exclusive to Argos stores in the UK. However, in late August of 2016, reports of it being found in the US were seen, and it was officially released in early September of 2016 as a Toys R Us exclusive.
  • The Series 1 package was listed on the Toys R Us "Hot Toy List" for 2016.
  • It comes with its own exclusive checklist that contains the special colors.
  • These packages are unable to have limited edition Grosseries.
  • As seen with the Series 2 pack, they are able to contain Grosseries from past series, such as Horrid Hot Dog and Mushy Slushy, Series 1 Grosseries appearing as variants in the Series 2 one.
  • This pack is not available in every country, and is limited to only a few.
  • The Series 2 pack was originally exclusive to Canada. In April 2017, the package was put on the US Toys R Us website.
  • The catalog artwork of the Series 2 characters is much smaller than their standard catalog art.
  • The Series 2 pack has images of the Unknown Drink Grossery, Unknown Cheese Grossery, Unknown Maple Syrup Grossery, and Unknown Onion Ring Grossery, making them some of the first Grosseries that have been previewed with an unknown, or possibly scrapped, release date.
    • However, on the Series 1 pack, the first ever known unreleased or possibly scrapped Grossery is the Unknown Vomit Grossery.
  • The Series 4 pack has 14 visible Grosseries and 6 hidden Grosseries.
    • The Series 4 pack is a limited release product and can only be found in Moose subscription boxes due to Toys R Us being defunct in the U.S. However, other countries, such as Canada, got it as a standard stocked item.
  • Despite the series 2 packs having Glowing Gadgets, the Glowing Gadgets do not glow, unlike they do in their Non-Rusty Claw Machine variants.


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