Horrid Hot Dog (Series 2)


For the Series 1 Grossery with the same name, click here.

Horrid Hot Dog is an Exclusive Grossery from the Horrid Hot Dog Machine playset.


Horrid Hot Dog is a slimy hot dog sausage. His open mouth is formed by strings of hot dog meat, and his bottom is dunked in slime.


  • Horrid Hot Dog is similar to the Unknown Sausage Trashie, a Trashie that was originally going to be released in Series 4 of the Trash Pack, but was never conceptualized. He also resembles¬†Sausage Sizzle, a Season 3 Shopkin.
  • He shares his name with a Series 1 Grossery. However, they appear to be separate characters.
  • His figure and catalog art has less slime on his bottom than his static art, which is entirely coated in slime on the bottom half.
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