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Grub Sub is an ultra rare Gross Greasies Grossery from Series 2





Loud, proud and easy to spot in a crowd, Grub Sub fancies himself the life of the party platter, whether there's a party or not!

Just Kidding Magazine

Meathead fancies himself as the life of the party platter - whether there's a party or not! Loud, proud, and easy to spot in a crowd, what Meathead lacks in manners he more than makes up for in, well, can we get back to you on that? Meathead loves bossing other folks around and making them play along with his hedonistic schemes - until everything falls apart and he immediately starts blaming everyone else. How can a sub this fun ever be wrong? Don't answer that. [1]

Action Figure

Series 3

AKA: Meathead

Loud, proud and easy to spot in a crowd, Grub Sub thinks he's the life of the party! But when the Putrid Power kicks in he's the force with the sauce! He's a moldy Bread Head who's ready to sandwich anyone who gets in his way. Get ready to fight dirty!

Series 4

AKA: Meathead

With meat that smells like feet, this sicko sandwich is powered up and ready to battle the Bug Army! Grub Sub is back for an attack! He's fully loaded to the crust with sloppy toppings! Under the cover of night he finds his way using his Glow in the Dark powers and is ready to sandwich any bug that gets in his way.


Grub Sub is a moldy submarine sandwich, with his eyes placed on his top bun. He has slimy lettuce stuck to his mouth, with meat and cheese, and three pieces of tomato at the bottom of his mouth. His top bun is splattered with sauce.


  • Grub Sub is similar to Barf Bagette, a Trashie from Series 4 of the Trash Pack.
  • In the webseries, he is given the name Meathead, and lacks the yellow eyes. His name is sometimes parsed as Meat Head. He is voiced by Spike Spencer.
  • Despite being Ricardo's best friend, he has the tendency to not be the best towards him, while vise versa can happen as well.
  • His figure, static art, and webseries design make him as a nondescript meat sandwich. However, his introduction video makes him a meatball sub. Meanwhile, his action figure makes him a roast beef sub.
  • The song used in his introduction video is a parody of the Big Mac jingle.
  • His static art and webseries design comes in a bread color that none of his figures have.
  • According to the webseries, he dislikes kiwi-flavored juice.
  • He is the first Grossery to have had an ancestor shown.
  • His model in The Grossery Game places his eyes on his front, rather than his top.
  • According to Get Well Spewn (Part 2), his granny is a double-decker BLT sandwich.
  • According to Lifestyles of The Rich & Famous (Part 2), he was born into wealth, as he knows how to act the classy part. This is supported by the fact his ancestor was wealthy as well.
  • Ricardo refers to him as his "footlong friend" as a nickname most of the time.








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