The Grossery Gang List (previously misspelled on iTunes as Grocery Gang List) was an app for iOS and Android devices. It is a collection tracker list of The Grossery Gang characters.


Take a peek inside the Yucky Mart and you might just catch The Grossery Gang hanging out in the vile aisles! This crusty crew of putrid products have hit their expiration dates and festered to life to create their own brand of filthy fun!

With this official Grossery Gang Collector’s Tool, you can track and maintain all of the Grosseries that you collect! Including exclusives, special edition AND limited editions.


  • This was an app version of the online Collector's Tool, as on some versions of iOS, the website does not load and causes Safari to crash.
  • The list contained the exclusive Grosseries found in various playsets and special packages. The Rotten Receipt Collector's guide packed with various sets lacks these in the listing. The disclaimer on the packed lists mention this as well.
  • The app updated via the internet listings, rather than on its own separate updates.
  • A variant of this app was added to the 1.09 update of The Grossery Game. It lacks the exclusive figures and variants.
  • In early October 2017, it was announced that the app will be retired for the variant used in The Grossery Game. However, the website version will remain.
  • The app was updated on October 13th, 2017 to make the announcement of the retirement.
  • It was possibly retired on October 20, but the Apple App Store still has the app and the new update.


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