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Gooey Chewie is a special edition Sticky Sweets Grossery from Series 1.



From the Sticky Sweets team, it's pre-chewed to slide down easy!


Action Figure

Series 3

AKA: Gooey

Extra crude and already chewed, this dude's not "Old School" - he's "Old Drool!" Icky and sticky, gooey Chewie can't wait to get his sticky hands on the Clean Team. They had better watch out for his sloppy slingshot because when he hits, he sticks! Get ready to fight dirty!

Series 4

AKA: Gooey

Gooey Chewie is powered up and ready to stick it to the Bug Army! Crude and chewed, he's a "Top Gum" with his sloppy slingshot and can't wait to fling some drool the bug's way! He's ready for a night attack with his Glow in the Dark powers. Gooey will never run from a fight and always sticks by his fellow fighters.

Series 5

AKA: Gooey

Gooey Chewie is powered up and ready to take on the Rotbots! He is a Kung-Goo master who can stick it to the enemy with his icky ninja skills. He moves in silence as he sneaks up on his target and launches a surprise saliva attack! Gooey Chewie has drool that rules!

The Grossery Gang: Collector's Guide

He's pre-chewed to slide down easy!

Likes: Being chewed

Dislikes: Being stepped on

May Contain Traces Of: Phlegm, drool, and fillings!

Rarity: Special edition


Gooey Chewie is a slimy, pre-chewed piece of chewing gum. His eyes are looking in different directions, and he has an open mouthed grin with gum strings sticking to it.

In the webseries, he is designed as triangular, rather than square.

Collector Card

Gooey Chewie's collector card is Card 61 in the series. His card is a sticker card. He is stuck to the ground, with his top stuck to a shoe that has stepped on him, as he grins. He has the tagline of "Gooey Chewie" on the bottom.


  • Gooey Chewie is similar to Scum Gum, a Trashie from Series 1 of the Trash Pack.
  • In the webseries, he is simply called Gooey. His voice is entirely unintellible, talking in sloppy splutters. He is voiced by Kyle Hebert.
  • He can be stretched out to be used as a catapult, as seen in Mount Yuck (Part 1). This was later utilized in his appearance in The Grossery Game.
  • He appears on the top left corner of the Series 1 large packs.
  • His static art has slime on his top, a feature his figures lack.
  • On his blue variant's catalog art, the gum strings are extending beyond the border.







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