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Dodgey Donut is a common Half Baked Bakery Grossery from Series 1.




YouTube video

Hard as a rock and loves to roll, Dodgey Donut (A.K.A Rocky) is the wildest party animal in the aisle! Rude, crude and barely food, Dodgey Donut’s priorities in life are partying, partying, and partying – not necessarily in that order.

But when the chips are down (and they often are after Rocky knocks every bag off the shelves), this bodacious baked good is the one you want on your side!

Action Figure

Series 3

AKA: Rocky

Rock hard and ready to roll, Dodgey Donut is rude, crude and barely food! Dodgey Donut is a hole lotta trouble! With limbs of iced rings, he's a donut who's about to go nuts! When it's time for a dirty battle, he's the one you'll want by your side. This scrappy snack is always 'round when you need him! Get ready to fight dirty!

Series 4

AKA: Rocky

With Fold n' Roll action!

Mad and Moldy and ready to roll into combat, Dodgey Donut is one unclean marine! With his battle cry of "DONUT SURRENDER", he'll take on any bug with just a knife and fork until his opponents end up in bite size pieces! Rude, crude, and barely food, it's time for a dirty battle.

Series 5

AKA: Rocky

With Flick & Launch Grot Blaster!

Look who's been sucked up from the Medieval Muck! Dodgey Donut is a knight in slimy armor! He loves to chuck his mace of muck, but doesn't like jousting other knights -- The last thing Dodgey Donut needs is another hole in his head! He's ready to take on the Rotbots and gallantly protect his gross friends from a rotting end!

The Grossery Gang: Collector's Guide

He's as hard as a rock and he loves to roll! Dodgey Donut (aka Rocky) is the wildest party animal in the aisle! Rude, crude, and barely food, Dodgey Donut's priorities in life are partying, partying, and partying - not necessarily in that order.

But when the chips are down (and they often are after Rocky knocks every bag off the shelves), this bodacious baked good is the one you want on your side!

Likes: Partying

Dislikes: Getting dunk'd

May Contain Traces Of: Rocks, trash, and bugs!

Rarity: Common


Dodgey Donut is a rock hard donut covered in mucky frosting with sprinkles on the top half of his body. He has a crazy, open-mouthed smile.

Collector Card

Dodgey Donut's collector card is Card 23 in the series. He is tied by his feet by an anvil and is sinking into water, reaching upwards for a life preserver while a shark is underneath him. He has the tagline of "Dunkin' Donut!" on the bottom.

Card 55 is a sticker card with the same image.


  • Dodgey Donut is similar to Dank Donut, a Trashie from Series 5 of the Trash Pack. He also resembles Dolly Donut, a Season 4 Shopkin as well as D'lish Donut, a Season 1 Shopkin, and another Dolly Donut, a Season 5 Petkin.
  • In the Grossery Gang web series, he is given the name Rocky. He was originally voiced by Jade Ubrien, being replaced in the second season with Spike Spencer.
  • His prototype show name was Donut Brain.
  • All of his catalog artwork erroneously leaves the center of his hole white, rather than transparent. Barf Bagel also has this same error.
  • The eyes of his preliminary designs switched from brown and blue depending on the media source.
  • Get Well Spewn (Part 2) reveals he has a crack in his skull, possibly as a reference to his extreme persona given to him in his bio.
  • His tagline in his collector card is a reference to a donut and coffee restaurant, Dunkin' Donuts.
  • For an unknown reason, his exclusive variant from his action figure, along with Greaseburger's orange variant are seen in a Flush Force commercial, a product by Spin Master with no connection with Moose Toys.
  • In the webseries, he appears to be a fan of singer Katy Hairy, to the point of dressing up as her in the episode Pooper Bowl.
  • The static art of his Series 5 action figure gives him a pink crest on the top of his knight helmet, which his figure itself lacks.







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