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Cruddy Cat Food is a limited edition Trashed Cans Grossery from Series 1.




The Grossery Gang: Collector's Guide

He's [sic] the can full of fat that's crazy about cats!

Likes: Cats

Dislikes: Cat litter

May Contain Traces Of: Fish, grease, and furballs!

Rarity: Limited edition


Cruddy Cat Food is a blue and purple tin of cat food with her name on her label. She is leaking slime from her top and has food splatters on her side and mouth. She has an innocent expression and her tongue is somewhat sticking out of her grin.

Collector Card

Cruddy Cat Food's collector card is Card 114 in the series. Her card is holographic. She is wearing a pair of slime-filled boots, which she is looking at, and a pioneer cap with a feather in it, while a cat is hissing at her. She has the tagline of "Cruddy Cat Food: Last Seen In Trash Cans" on the bottom.

She also appears in the second puzzle with the same image.


  • Cruddy Cat Food is similar to Teena Catfood, a Series 4 Shopkin.
  • Only 1,000 of her are available worldwide.
  • Her catalog art shows the brand "Purrfecto" written in yellow font instead.
  • Her Collector Card artwork is a reference to Puss in Boots.
  • The Series 3 Grossery Cruddy Cat shares a similar name with her.
  • She is the only female out of the Trashed Cans.
  • In the webseries, she trills her Rs, to sound like cat purring. She is voiced by Laila Berzins.
  • She is the only Trashed Can to be of a food not made for human consumption.
  • Her Collector Card portrays her as a flat tin, rather than a rounded can like her figure, artwork, and animated design.
  • She is erroneously called a male character in The Grossery Gang: Collector's Guide.





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