The Grossery Gang Wikia

The Clean Team Street Sweeper is a Grossery Gang playset from Series 3. It comes with two exclusive Grosseries, Grot Sock and Wash Out.


The Clean Team is out to suck up the muck and clean up Cheap Town! Will the Grossery Gang survive the Clean Team Street Sweeper? Or can they escape and use their foul force to stink up the streets some more? It's icky! It's sticky! It's...Putrid Power!


Series 1
Mushy Slushie Machine / Mushy Slushie Collectors Cup / Yucky Mart
Series 2
Horrid Hot Dog Machine
Series 3
Muck Chuck Garbage Truck / Metallic Trash Attack Pack / Collector's Trash Can / Clean Team Street Sweeper / Delivery Strike Motor Bike
Series 5
2 in 1 Rotbot Assault Vehicle / Chomp 'n Chew Trash-o-saur / 2 in 1 Gross Glow Assault Vehicle