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Blow Fly is an exclusive Grossery.


AKA: Buzz

Watch out for the "Muck from Above!" Blow Fly is one annoying dude. When he's not relaxing on a dog poop he's nibbling on your lunch! This mutated maggot with wings has come to help the Grosseries defeat the Clean Team! Gross to the max, Blow Fly loves to dive bomb the enemy and drop the slop on his opponents! He's one foul fly! Get ready to fight dirty!


Blow Fly is a slimy fly. He has half-opened yellow eyes and thick lips with gapped teeth, which is giving a grin. There is a chicken drumstick and beans on his belly.


  • Blow Fly is one of the original Trashies from Series 1 of Trash Pack, along with Trashapillar. He appeared on the logo of the Trash Pack. His bio also recycles some of his original Trash Pack bio.
  • He is the second fly Grossery, after Frosty Fly from Series 1.
  • His nickname "Buzz" comes from the failed Trash Pack cartoon by Mondo TV, where his name was changed to Buzz, similar to how the characters in the webseries have names that are different from their toy names.
  • It took until wave 2 to get Blow Fly his action figure form.
  • He has wings that are a different color than his body, unlike his Trash Pack design, which gave him wings the same color as his body.




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