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Hewkii the Tisc boi Hewkii the Tisc boi 31 December 2021

Series 6 (FANON)


  • 1 Awful Aquarium
  • 2 Horrid Holidays
  • 3 Rancid Roadies
  • 4 Morbid Monsters
  • 5 Cyber Creeps
  • 6 Action Figures
  • 7 Gallery

  • Stinky Seahorse
  • Nasty Narwhal
  • Octo-Gross
  • Wack Whale
  • Mucus Ray
  • Fart Shark
  • Oozy Orca (was originally Horrible Orca)
  • Slop Starfish
  • Mangler Fish
  • Pukey Puffer
  • Junkie Jellyfish
  • Sea Sludge
  • Marine Ick-guana

  • Broken Heart Candy
  • Unlucky Clover
  • Bad Bunny
  • Faulty Firework (was originally called Failing Firework)
  • Hack-O-Lantern
  • Stinky Turkey
  • Trashed Tree
  • Spew Year
  • Dump Dragon

  • Traff-ick Light
  • Crud Cone
  • Horrid Hydrant
  • Slop Sign
  • Yucky Yield

  • Scrappy Slimy
  • Cruddy Chomper
  • Wack Wormy
  • TentaPlop
  • Cy-Clogs
  • Trash Eater

  • Icky Error
  • Crud Cursor
  • Vile File
  • Compooper Virus


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EscherwwW EscherwwW 14 September 2021

Grossery gang series 5 crapp cabbag bot.. Again

Hello everyone, this is my first blog and review. This is crappy cabbage bot from grossery gang series 5, he is an ultra rare and is part of the rotbots.

He is a lettuce with 2 robotic parts, one in his eye, and one in his hand, his left hand is replaced by a vacuum cleaner arm.

He also has some purple parts that I don't know they are.

He has a finish that is soft and soft, but the robotic parts are made of hard plastic

I put a nickname for him, cabbage - tron

I hope you liked my review, more reviews coming soon

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TheOneWhoKeepsOnEditing TheOneWhoKeepsOnEditing 15 February 2021

ok i know how touse a blog now

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TheOneWhoKeepsOnEditing TheOneWhoKeepsOnEditing 25 January 2021

Making Season 6 :)

I am making Season 6, by repainting shopkins (secretly from my little sister) and repainting broken Grosseries.

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7vQtn2DRZp$F$Xp 7vQtn2DRZp$F$Xp 18 August 2020


Why do I have to say something gross?

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ZootyCutie ZootyCutie 28 September 2019

Want to pose a collab!

So, I'm the creator of the Treasure X wiki, another Moose Toys brand. I know this wiki's been really quiet, but what do you guys say about putting this wiki here as a "friends of the wiki" like the other ones?

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BM44 is back from the dead BM44 is back from the dead 16 September 2018

Grossery Gang Series 6 Prediction!

Hi guys. It's been 10 months since I created a new blog post on this wiki. Today I'm going to predict what GG Series 6 would look like. It could release to Target stores nationwide and on Amazon in fall 2019. GG Series 1 would re-release to Target and Walmart stores nationwide and on Amazon, also in fall 2019. The re-release would pretty much re-introduce every Grossery, playset, and things from Series 1.

This series will be called Alien Invasion (formerly Battle of the Seasons).

This will be the first season to:

  • Introduce humans into the toy range.
  • Have playsets based off of cities.
  • Have transparent glowing Grosseries.

This will be the second season to:

  • Have Cruddy Sport.
  • Have Untasty Treats.
  • Have Fungus Fruits.

UPDATE 10/8/18:

  • The series' theme has…
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Leandro Briones Leandro Briones 8 August 2018

i have grossery gangs i have 120 grosseries

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TheInanMan TheInanMan 13 June 2018

has anyone noticed this?

so in bug strike if a figure is gray the other color is blue. if a figure is tan the other is pink. if its bright red the other is yellow. weird huh

edit: found another combo. if the figure is purple the other color is green

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ZootyCutie ZootyCutie 3 May 2018

Can we please stop on the S5 pages?

I get it, it's exciting that we have minor S5 info. But, creating unknowns, especially with numbers, is not helpful for staff, nor is it for the wiki. The Unknown page should really only be for official Grosseries that legit have no names, and have no plans on gaining one.

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Wave9Nut Wave9Nut 2 May 2018

A Desperate Cry For Help!

Is there anyone with an Amazon store out there?!

If there is please put up an offer for some of the Easter eggs from 2017!

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CodenameAlola CodenameAlola 24 April 2018

Faked Beanz and Bad Beans Shooter

Hey guys! How are you doing?


I just wanted to let you know something I noticed. You know Faked Beanz, right? Well, there's a new Series 5 action figure called Bad Beans Shooter, and he looks and sounds pretty similar to Faked Beanz. If you go to the Series 5 page, go to the gallery, and look for the picture that's second to last that shows all twelve action figures, take a look at Bad Beans Shooter. Pretty cool, right?

Best Wishes,

Codename: Alola

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ZootyCutie ZootyCutie 17 April 2018

Potential team-up?

I just adopted the Flush Force wiki! I know they're from two entirely different franchises, but I would like to know if you guys would want the wikis to be friends with each other? We'd show up on the front of each wiki as a link (like the Trash Pack and Shopkins ones are).

I know Flush Force isn't a Moose product, but they've had Grosseries in a commercial, and it's similar in concept, so I was wanting to throw this idea out at you guys. What do you think?

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CodenameAlola CodenameAlola 27 March 2018

Hey Guys!

Hey guys! I wanted to say hi! I can't wait for Series 5 to come out, can you? I think the idea of having cyborg grosseries - "Rotbots" is so cool! What do you think about the Rotbots? Leave a comment below!

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MrMemely MrMemely 12 March 2018

Can't Wait for series 5.

I really want to get the Computer virus Grosseries, as well as some of the new play sets.

MrMemely (talk) 07:17, March 12, 2018 (UTC)

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ZootyCutie ZootyCutie 8 March 2018

On why I made Crikey and Chunder's pages.

...It was honestly getting too late for them, and they honestly seemed like the only characters they could have been, since they were the only other two characters with major speaking roles, along with sharing similar voices with Arak Attack, so it was pretty much all they could be.

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Dryroastnuts Dryroastnuts 26 February 2018

Bad Bleacher in pink???

On a Grossery Gang series 3 commercial I noticed that there was a pink version of Bad Bleacher. This is possibly a rejected variant that was originally going to be released in Series 3.There are 3 Bad Bleacher variants in series 3. These are a red one, a purple one and a black and white version, which is exclusive to the Mega Pack. A picture of the pink Bad Bleacher can be seen here.

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CarlWilliam415 CarlWilliam415 19 December 2017


It's Almost Christmas So I Wish Ya'll A Merry Christmas And A Happy new Year! Do You Know What You're Getting For Christmas? Cause I Know What I Am Getting! It's The Clean Team Street Sweeper! Once I Get My hands On It I'll Update Ya'll With Another Blog! Tell Me If You Know What You're Getting For Christmas


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ZootyCutie ZootyCutie 10 December 2017

Series 4 spotted!

Series 4 has been spotted at Toys R Us stores in the US!

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BM44 is back from the dead BM44 is back from the dead 11 November 2017

Grossery Gang-styled Pokeraps All Series 1, 2, & 3!

Grossery Gang-styled Pokeraps!

NOTICE: This blog post is very long. Read at your own risk!

Series 1 Grossrap*

- Grossery Gang version of Pokerap

I want to be the best, there ever was. To beat all the rest, yeah that's my cause

Horrid Hamburger, Fungus Fries, Putrid Pizza, Burp-rito, Icky Drumstick, Stinki, Yuck Yogurt, Stinky Cheese, Sour Milk, Rotten Egg!

Collect 'em, collect 'em, gotta collect 'em all, Grossery Gang!

I'll search across the mart, look far and wide. Released from my hands, the grossness that's inside

Dodgey Donut, Tasteless Tart, Stale Muffin, Chunky Cheesecake, Rotten Apple Pie, Barf Bagel, Le Crusty Croissant, Putrid Pancakes, Awful Waffle, Ice Scream, Unfrozen Pizza, Frozen Foul, Yuck TV Dinner!

Bad Soy, Burnt BBQ Sauce, Terr…

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BM44 is back from the dead BM44 is back from the dead 15 August 2017

Grossery Gang's sixth webseries arc: Episodes 28-32!

Hi guys! It's BM44! I made a prediction for the sixth cartoon arc of the GG webseries!

Arc name: Clean Team's Revenge

Episode 28: September 2, 2017

Episode 29: September 16, 2017

Episode 30: September 30, 2017

Episode 31: October 14, 2017

Episode 32: October 28, 2017 (Webseries's first Halloween episode)

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BM44 is back from the dead BM44 is back from the dead 8 August 2017

Grossery Gang/Mario Crossover

Here are some Grossery Gang characters in Mario form.

I'll add more soon.

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Mixelfan22 Mixelfan22 3 August 2017

the way of gross with pizza face

welcome my slobby friends. today we will learn about how to be gross

1. find some trash

2. smear it on you

3. start taking baths in sewage

4.starts eating moldy food

soon you will be gross as me

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ZootyCutie ZootyCutie 30 July 2017

Working on a Grossery Gang fanfic!

As the title says, I decided to work on a Grossery Gang fanfic, after seeing the movie. ^_^

It's called "The Gross is Strong in You", and is based on after events of the movie.

Here's the first chapter!

Second chapter uploaded!

Third chapter uploaded!

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BM44 is back from the dead BM44 is back from the dead 21 July 2017

What should be the sixth cartoon arc's name?

My Prediction:

Grossery Gang Episodes 28-32.

Sixth Cartoon Arc Name: Putrid Power!

Characters Returning:

  • Putrid Pizza
  • Shoccoli
  • Rotten Egg
  • Sticky Soda
  • Dodgey Donut
  • Squished Banana
  • Flat Battery
  • Grub Sub
  • Blue Spew Cheese
  • Sewer Glove
  • Trashapillar*
  • Blow Fly*
  • Fungus Fries**
- Never in the webseries, but popular

Characters Introduced

  • Slop Bucket (personality like Pizza Face)
  • Barf Blender (personality like Doc Brocc)
  • Yuck Taco (personality like Egghead)
  • Scummy Soccer Ball (personality like Sparkles) (confirmed female)
  • Vac Attack (the new villain)
  • Washout
  • Disinfector
  • Wipe Over
  • Bad Bleacher
  • Bin-It

  • Episode 28: Putrid Power! (Part 1): July 22, 2017
  • Movie: The Grossery Gang vs. The Clean Team: Putrid Power: July 29, 2017
  • Episode 29: Putrid Power! (Part 2): August 5, 2017
  • Episode 30: …

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Thebigbadguns Thebigbadguns 6 July 2017



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Gross king Gross king 1 July 2017

Grossery gang swap and sell

Ow I'm looking for some s1 caterer scoccal and barf bagel and good cheque sticky mint and gummy bare and others

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BrownFamily1108 BrownFamily1108 26 June 2017

My Least Favorite TGG Team is...


If you like this team, IRYO.

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Nightmare bro Nightmare bro 18 June 2017

Series 3 coming this summer

Series 3 is coming this summer of 2017

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ZootyCutie ZootyCutie 12 May 2017

Series 3 found in the UK!

According to this Instagram, Series 3 has been spotted!

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TrashPackCollector518 TrashPackCollector518 5 May 2017

I will be making blogs twice a week on Mondays and Fridays. So be sure to check them out.

What is your favorite S2 grossery?

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TrashPackCollector518 TrashPackCollector518 4 May 2017

Grossery gang series 3

Grossery gang series 3

I predict that it will come out in June-July 2017

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BM44 the Object Thingy BM44 the Object Thingy 2 April 2017

Look! I have Pongy Parmesan!

On Saturday, March 25th, I went to my local Target to get a Grossery Gang Series 2 10-pack, but I seen a character that I never had before! It was the Stinky Aftershave in yellow, and then, when opening up a milk crate, I found an ultra rare that I also never had before! It was the Pongy Parmesan! And I also collected some collector cards, and a Mushy Slushie Machine Playset because everyone I see has it and I don't. So, hope you enjoy the figure forms!

It's me, BM44 the Object Thingy, signing off. Bye! This for you Alienmonsterkid, BrownFamily1108, Gross Coconut, Zibzob2000, and ZootyCutie.

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BM44 the Object Thingy BM44 the Object Thingy 19 March 2017

Figure forms

These are some figure forms that I added to some articles because they don't have one.

Please don't delete them!

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ZootyCutie ZootyCutie 17 March 2017

Upcoming Grossery Gang Books!

If that sizzle reel news wasn't enough for you, it's been announced that four new Grossery Gang books will be released this year!

  • Grossery Gang: A Gross Christmas
  • Grossery Gang: Joke Book
  • Grossery Gang: Collector's Guide
  • Grossery Gang: Welcome to Cheap Town!

Which one are you most excited for? I'm certainly excited for that collector guide!

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ZootyCutie ZootyCutie 17 March 2017

Original Grossery Gang animation pitch found!

This was the video playing at the Toy Fair booth on that Portuguese video from a while back, it's the prototype Grossery Gang cartoon and designs!

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ZootyCutie ZootyCutie 22 January 2017

We thank you, but please.

We thank you guys for making new pages for the Series 2 characters, but it would help out a lot if you give the characters what they're supposed to have for their pages. Making one-sentence pages for others to fix is not fair for others, especially when we're at a low information rate.

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ZootyCutie ZootyCutie 29 December 2016

Just a quick heads-up for info

The Ideas Wiki is an entirely fictional wiki, no information should be taken from that wiki to be placed on this one, it, like the title says, is for fan ideas. The Series 2 Grossery Gang page there was a fan-created series, so it holds no merit on this wiki for canon facts. Thank you.

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ZootyCutie ZootyCutie 14 December 2016

Series 2 creeping into stores!

These two pictures were posted on Instagram of the Horrid Hot Dog Machine! New Grosseries are on the back of the box, and it seems Toys R Us is the one to start having them again!

EDIT: An S2 soda container has been spotted! A few videos are on Youtube about S2 finds as well, they seem to be US-based!

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ZootyCutie ZootyCutie 13 November 2016

Season 2 has been confirmed!

Via information from Smyths Toys, Season 2 Grosseries have been confirmed!

The links for information are both here!

And here are the pictures from the website:

It looks like we're getting another onion, an egg carton, a sausage, onion rings, another burger, possibly a cake, and what seems to be appliances, according to the tail end of the checklist! Get excited!

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ZootyCutie ZootyCutie 5 November 2016

Series 2?!

So,I just found this post on Instagram...

...IS THIS REALLY REAL?! Series 2?!

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Ryukou Ryukou 13 September 2016

Detail Differences (Wave 1 vs Wave 2)

Upon closer inspection, it looks like Wave 2 pieces have better details compared to Wave 1.

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Ryukou Ryukou 12 September 2016

SPOILERS: Chunky Cereal Box Cheat Sheet

SPOILER ALERT: If you are a thrill-seeker; don't read this.

Otherwise if you don't want the risk of having duplicate Color Changers and Purple Moldy Veg; this is meant for you.

If Color Changers aren't your thing, the Purple Moldy Veg can also be found in Wave 2 Corny Chips.

There's 14 blind bags in this set. Woah~! Ever wondered what's inside?
Sadly, it has been proven that the Common and Rare items inside Cereal Boxes do vary in color even if they are in the same assigned letter. Hence I cannot state the exact color of the Common and Rare items that come with each set.

  • 1 Sets
    • 1.1 Set A
    • 1.2 Set B
    • 1.3 Set C
    • 1.4 Set D
    • 1.5 Set E
    • 1.6 Set F
  • 2 Quick Summary of Color Changers

The first two stated are the visible ones. Each combination will be assigned a letter.

  • Dodgey…

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Ryukou Ryukou 9 September 2016

SPOILERS: Corny Chips Cheat Sheet

SPOILER ALERT: If you are a thrill-seeker; don't read this.

Otherwise if you don't want the risk of having duplicates; this is meant for you.

Ever wondered what's inside the 2 blind bags? This is tested to be at least 99% correct based on personal experience. If wrong, then congratulations. You may be getting yourself a Limited Edition.

  • 1 Wave 1 Sets
    • 1.1 Set A
    • 1.2 Set B
    • 1.3 Set C
    • 1.4 Set D
    • 1.5 Set E
    • 1.6 Set F
    • 1.7 Set G
    • 1.8 Set H
    • 1.9 Set I
    • 1.10 Set J
    • 1.11 Set K
    • 1.12 Set L
    • 1.13 Set M
    • 1.14 Bonus: This one special Sticky Soda of interest
  • 2 Wave 2 Sets
    • 2.1 Set A
    • 2.2 Set B
    • 2.3 Set C
    • 2.4 Set D
    • 2.5 Bonus: This one special Sticky Soda of interest

These are NOT YET all of the sets available for purchase but at the very least this is where you can find all of the Red, Orange or Purple (Revolting…

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ZootyCutie ZootyCutie 8 September 2016

Prototype Cartoon?

Okay, so this video (it's in Portugese, thanks for the information on the change) was one of the early Toy Fair previews of Grossery Gang. Notice that there's a TV screen in the display that's playing Grossery Gang looks WAY different than the style we have now. Could this possibly be a prototype or a foreign-language version of the show, like how Trash Pack had the Mondo TV and webseries?

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JustineCarl5 JustineCarl5 28 August 2016


Hi Guys! Sorry for the mistake of the title! I was about to say the title,"Any Trashed Cans?" But I accidentally pressed the ok button.

Anyway have you guys found a Limited Edition lately? If you did, please leave in the comments on how the LE looks like and how does it feel to have a Limited Edition. If not, I hope you find one and good luck! That's all! Thank you!

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JustineCarl5 JustineCarl5 17 August 2016

Series 2 Ideas

Hi Everyone!

I was really wondering what are your ideas for series 2 of The Grossery Gang? I actually asked Moose Toys about it but unfortunately, they weren't able to give me information. What are your ideas? If you want to answer, please leave it in the comments.

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ZootyCutie ZootyCutie 12 August 2016

Grossery Gang TV Tropes page!

Hi, guys!

A while back, I made TV Tropes pages for The Trash Pack and Shopkins, and I finally gave The Grossery Gang one as well!

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ZootyCutie ZootyCutie 22 July 2016

Sticky Soda official confirmed female!

Yes, it turns out both her webseries AND her toyline are female, which has officially been confirmed by the official Instagram! I'm glad that they picked a girl to be in the main roster so soon, but I'm wondering who else in the toyline are female that we don't know of?

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WatermelonSunshine WatermelonSunshine 2 July 2016


OMG! For all users on this wiki who like both Grosseries and Shopkins (like me, ZootyCutie, Dunce03, and Cherryberry), there's going to be what seems like a webisode crossover between Shopkins and the grossery gang! Check this video out!

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