Awful Waffle is a common Half Baked Bakery Grossery from Series 1.



From the Half Baked Bakery team, it's Awful Waffle!

The Grossery Gang: Collector's Guide

He'll sit up in your gut and make you throw up!

Likes: Getting toasted

Dislikes: Anything fresh

May Contain Traces Of: Butter, slime, and grime!

Rarity: Common


Awful Waffle is a moldy and dirty waffle with a hooded eyelid on his right eye. He has some butter dripping from his mouth.

Collector Card

Awful Waffle's collector card is Card 20 in the series. He is popping out of a flame-spewing toaster. His eyes are spiraled. He has the tagline of "Totally Toasted!" on the bottom.


  • Awful Waffle bears a resemblance to Waffle Sue, a Season 2 Shopkin.
  • His figure and catalog art have a pat of butter on the left side of his head, which his static art lacks.




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